• Belgium Portal
    Available in Dutch, French, German and English. Contains a wide variety of information on Belgium, including a tab on "Justice" with basic information about the country's legal framework.
  • Research Guide to Belgian Law (GlobaLex)
    Prepared by Christoph Malliet, a Law Librarian at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Gives a detailed outline of the Belgian legal framework, as well as links where necessary.
  • Belgian Judiciary
    In French and Dutch. Has links to all level of courts, as well as to jurisprudence and legislation.
  • House of Representatives
    In French and Dutch. Wide array of information on the workings of the House, including budgets, commissions, and legislation.
  • Senate
    In French and Dutch, with a very limited section in English. Dutch and French are comprehensive, with information on almost all aspects of the Senate, including members, news and legislation.