• German Legal Research (Harvard)
    Although most of the resources are hard-copy, there are a few digital ones as well.
  • Centre for German Legal Information (CGerLI)
    "This website offers you a comprehensive and freely accessible database of electronic materials on German law. It brings together English translations of court decisions, legislation, articles and other law-related documents scattered over the internet and adds them to our own collection of German legal information."
  • Law Web Saarbrücken
    "English-speaking users are able to navigate around the project and take advantage of this comprehensive portal into contemporary legal affairs from Germany and around the world."
  • Governments on the WWW: Germany
    A list that can only be surprised as impressively exhaustive, as it covers pretty much every imaginable German government web site. However, most of the sites are in German, and many are no longer active.
  • Regierung Online
    In German, English and French. The official website of the German government.